7 Correct Body Posture That Will Make You Look Awesome

You know what, as we were growing up, my mother always cautioned us to sit and stand upright. Sitting and standing upright was a caution given even at schools.

As children, we could not understand the essence behind those cautions, but after growing up, it is now clear that out of the experience, further studies and research, our parents and teachers knew the importance of a correct body posture. 

A correct body posture can be defined as to uprightly walk, stand, sit down, lie down or bend over with your body parts, joints, ligaments, and muscles perfectly aligned.

Features of a Correct Body Posture


Correct Body Posture on Different Positions


 #1While standing

A correct body posture while standing is determined by the positioning of the head, neck, and shoulders. The neck and head should be positioned straight above the shoulders. The shoulders, on the other hand, should be positioned straight above the hips. 

The knees should be slightly bent and feet standing apart on a shoulder-width distance. The stomach should be pulled in and the arms hanging naturally by the side of the body.

This is the right standing position that brings out a correct body posture.

Correct Body Posture while standing


#2 While sitting

While sitting, a proper posture is featured by correct positioning of the shoulders, back, butt, knees, and legs.

The back should be uprightly straight. The butt should be in contact with the chair and the shoulders leaned  on the handle of the chair. This gives the back proper support.

Your feet, on the other hand, should be flat on the floor with the knees bent at a 90-degree angle adjacent to the hips. While sitting, make sure you adjust the chair in response to your height. 

Make sure the chair is comfortable with the shoulders relaxed and elbow resting on the chair arm of the desk. This is what brings out a correct body posture while sitting.

Correct Body Posture while sitting


#3 While sleeping

The body should be aligned correctly while sleeping. An improper alignment subjects one to wake up with pain and discomforts on the neck and back. It is recommended that one should sleep on the side or back on a comfortable, non-lumpy mattress and pillow. 

The pillow should be soft and comfortable, to support your neck and head properly, keeping them properly balanced. Avoid sleeping with your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach hinders an effective digestion.

Correct Body Posture while sleeping


#4 While walking

While walking you should not lean the body either back or forward. Rather walk straight and focused. The neck should be positioned straight and tall with the head looking forward. 

The head should be aligned and focused and the rest of the body will follow up. The shoulders should be gently pulled up and down with a lifted chest. Naturally, swing the arms back and forward as you move the legs forward.

Correct Body Posture while walking

A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.

Significances of a Correct
Body Posture

#1 Improves body parts functioning

When all the body parts are aligned well, it creates a conducive environment for the body organs to function well, as intended to.


#2 Eliminates pain on the body parts and joints.

When the body parts have properly aligned the spine and bones easily balance and support the body weight Improper body posture strains the body muscles and ligaments hindering proper support and balance of the body weight. This gives tension to the muscles leaving them in pain

Correct Body Posture


#3 Sufficient breathing.

A good posture creates enough space in the ribcage and this gives the lungs enough room for expansion and contraction hence sufficient breathing.

#4 Improves memory and learning.

Studies have proven right that intake of sufficient oxygen in the brain through proper breathing, triggers the brain to function well. Proper brain functioning improves learning and memory retention.

#5 Increases body energy level.

Proper alignment of the bones and joints allows the body muscles to work easily without strain. Less strain spares the body energy and the body retains that energy for other functions. The stored energy makes one feel strong and energetic.

#6 Ease digestion.

When the body parts are not well aligned due to improper body posture, they incur pressure and strain to the internal body organs. This strain makes it difficult for the organs to carry out the digestion process.

#7 Brings self-confidence

Body posture impacts an effect in the body appearance leaving an impact on how others see you. Our external appearance impacts an effect on one’s esteem either negatively or positively. Standing uprightly with a correct posture is believed to add body height making one look slimmer and younger. 

This leaves an individual confident and happy. Improper posture, on the other hand, impacts the body appearance negatively,lowering self-esteem and confidence.

#8 Avoids injury.

Improper body alignment incurred pressure on the body muscles causing connective tissues to tear up. This then causes rubbing up of bones against another causing bone and spine injuries.

How to Maintain a Correct Body Posture.

1: Regularly cross check your body balance.

To maintain a correct body posture, regularly keep checking out your body balance against the wall. Stand  straight against the wall with your back. Your shoulders and butts should be in contact with the wall. 

Measure the space between the back or neck and the wall. That space should be less than two inches. Any other  measurement larger than 2 inches, indicates a bad posture.

2. Introduce standing up routine after a long sitting

Despite how tight your work schedule may be, make sure you stand up after a long sitting position. This helps to maintain a good posture.

3. wear comfortable and supportive footwear.

While standing, a proper body posture is determined by your feet. Wear a low and uniformly raised shoe to support and balance the body weight

4. avoid wearing high heeled shoes.

To maintain a proper body posture, avoid raised shoes at all cost. This is because raised shoes strain and disintegrates the alignment of the leg muscles.

High heel

5. Avoid crossing the legs and muscles while sitting down

Crossing the legs destroy the alignment of the muscles. To maintain a good posture, always ensure your legs and feet are not crossed and are straight to the floor.

6. Change your sleeping position regularly.

While asleep, turn your whole body uniformly and regularly throughout the night. Sleeping on one side for a longer period strains and gives tension to the muscles on one side leaving a discomfort. Maintain a good posture by sleeping on a comfortable mattress and pillow.

7. Avoid a long time bending when operating a phone.

Advanced digital phones have brought up several cases of improper body posture. This is because while operating the phone, bending of the neck and back is involved. 

A long duration sitting down is also involved long bending of the neck strains the neck muscles and may leave an effect of a bending neck. To maintain  your correct posture, make sure you regulate the position of your phone while using it. 

Do not sit for long and raise your phone to avoid much bending.

Correct Body Posture while using phone

How to Improve Your Correct Body Posture.

Improving your body posture, or rectifying defects on your body posture is achieved by the use of workouts.Different workouts can be practiced on different body parts, with the key purpose of improving body posture.

1. Deep abdominal stretch

This is a workout that plays a key role in strengthening your core muscles. This improves both your body structure and posture.

2. Squeezing of shoulder blades

Squeezing of shoulder blades together and apart regularly during the day, gives strength to the muscles on the shoulders and upper back. This muscle improves body posture by supporting the neck and head

3. Neck and head tilt.

Tilt your neck and head around the shoulders in all directions to stretch and align the muscles around the  neck properly. Practice this exercise regularly throughout the day.

4. Practice yoga

Yoga is an important workout as it improves body part alignments and balance. It strengthens the spine and the hip muscles.

Girl doing yoga to maintain correct body posture

5. Practice child poses workout

Practice child poses for 5-10 mins every morning and night. Similar to yoga, this workout strengthens and  lengthen the spine. This obviously improves body posture.

Child Pose

6. Full body plunk

This workout improves body structure as it engages the spinal and abdominal muscles. It stretches, releasing  tension around the muscles.

7. Pigeon pose

This workout improves body posture as it helps to loosen tight hips. It also helps to ease tension at the spinal and glutal areas. It also aligns back any muscles that may have dislocated around the muscles.
Incorrect posture may subject one to injuries, poor digestion, breathing problems, pain on neck, shoulders and other body joints, bone rapture among other many problems. However, some health condition such as scoliosis can cause improper posture. 

Pigeon pose

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a condition where the spine is forced to curve contributing to an uneven alignment of body parts. Treat all the health conditions that may bring out an Improper body posture as it is a serious defect. 

Also, avoid actions and habits that may destroy your body posture. Invade of a serious improper body posture pain and tension, always visit a medic for treatment.


Maintaining Good posture is Important and above mentioned exercise can help you more, But it is most important to fix the Bad posture and achieve good posture, You can read a Full hands on Guide “How to Achieve a Good posture”. 

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