How to Fix Slouching: Ultimate Guide to Avoid It in 2019

Good posture is every one's dream now days, but due to some impediments and disorders you slouch too much.

Trust me ,Slouching makes you l unattractive and look less confident.

In this guide we will learn how to fix slouching even if you don't know about it.

Slouching is ​caused by imbalanced position of the posture of Human Body that results from the imbalanced movements of muscles which often from the consequences of our daily activities in our general life style. 

In simple terms;
This is a long term disorder which appears from continuously sitting, staring at something, watching or standing in an illicit manner, the manners which our body later adopts as a posture in the form of slouching. 

Therefore, what causes slouching?

Slouching is the name of sitting, standing or walking with an awkward and drooping posture which encourage our body to adopt such a position.

It is use to be characterized by change in attitude, the disturbance in breathing, pain in various organs specifically neck, disturbance in walking and sitting with upper back strain.

Is slouching bad, How does it Hurt your body? 


Slouching is a very common problem for many Human beings, as it isn't only about the change of the posture of human structure but it also harms the human's real appearance.

One needs to maintain that the excessive slouching is one of many ways; you can damage your back over time. It hinders one's ability to breathe and allows muscles to work with the least capacity.

It affects our health in a number of different ways, some of which are given as under: 

  • Chronic Pain: Soreness often results because of working with the same posture on one thing contentiously for 6-7 hours which results in a chronic pain.
  • Poor Circulation: Slouching hinders the continuous flow of blood in our body, specifically our limbs, sitting on a chair with crossed legs is often prohibited for women and the soul reason behind this is to make the proper flow of Human Blood
  • Negative Mood: A -study -published -in- the- journal -"Health -Psychology" -reports -that- individuals- who- sat -with -a -slouched -or -slumped -posture- exhibited -more- fear,- lower -self--esteem,- and- worse- moods- than -those- who- sat -upright. A good posture helps human maintain their temperament while those will bad posture often behave weirdly with low self esteem, and fear.
  • Poor Digestion: While we slouch, our organs clump simultaneously which makes our body harder to digest food which often results in constipation In this way it also hinders our metabolic processing.
  • Fatigue: Poor posture isn't only about sitting improperly. Posture defines the functioning of our body. The better the environment we will provide our organs to function the best they will give the output. but letting our body function in a damaged posture makes it consume more energy rather than functioning in a good posture which finally results in fatigue.

How to reverse Slouching Posture?

Yes, Slouching posture can be reversed,

but it takes time and effort to regain it again For the sake of reversing the lost posture a greater number of exercises have been devised to make our posture better. 

Well, the posture exercises need to be adopted according to identifying your posture and habits. Some of the most prominent exercises include the domestic exercises by aligning straight while walking, or sitting on computer, the angle while looking at screen or sitting at any chair should be maintained.

There are few of the exercises to stop slouching

  • Identifying Your Posture Habits: Walking, sitting, speaking and adopting the best ways to get back to good posture. We need to no neglect the posture.
  • Chin Tuck: This work out can be made either by sitting or standing. It begins with your shoulders to be rolled rear and downward. While looking instantly ahead, place two fingers on your chin and slightly tuck your chin and move your head back. Hold for 3-5 seconds and then release. It needs to be repeated 10 times.
best posture brace for men
  • Wall Angel: This exercise can be done by standing with your back next to a horizontal wall by your feet about four inches from the bottom (base). Uphold a slight turn in your knees. Your glutens, backbone and skull should all be beside the fortification. Bring your arms up with elbows curved so your upper arms are parallel to the floor and squeeze your shoulder blades jointly, forming a letter "W". It should be done for three seconds at least.
  • Use of Posture Brace: It's a belt like simple brace use to give support and maintain the stability of the posture of the Human Body. Grab the Best Posture Brace for men and women here.

All above exercises improve postures and give your body resistance to Slouching.

How to fix Slouching ​Shoulders?

Slouching your shoulders and upper back might feel inviting but in the long run it may result into aches in your neck, shoulders and back. It can also affect your gastrointestinal reflex as you are unable to breathe properly with your forward slouched shoulders.

To fix slouching you should consider sitting in a proper manner, find the perfect middle range.

Don't bend too much forwards as we are accustomed by using desktop computer or don't go far too back that'll put pressure on your tail bone.


Fastest way to improve Posture is Awareness that you are Slouching.

You can find that perfect middle range for you by putting your feet flat on the ground and- centering- your -weight -with- your- buttocks- and -pubic- bone -creating -a perfect triangle of good posture. 

You should regularly stretch your muscles after sitting, working or driving for a long time to avoid fatigue.

As animals do stretch after sitting for an escalated period you should also too. In the long run to avoid any risk of fatigue you should keep your core muscles strong and in fit shape.

Core is not only limited to abs it involves all the muscles from your rib cage to the middle thigh, which collectively make you sit and stand 

Chest pain while slouching

Sitting for long periods of time in a slouching posture can cause sharp chest pain that is relieved by taking rest. The pain emerges due to improper exertion of muscles in the chest are.

This is not to be confused with heart symptoms that have somewhat similar symptom but is often of very short period in comparison And it often also involves nausea, vomiting and dizziness associated with it, while chest pain is not accompanied by any such symptoms and is often a constricting/ tightening feeling in your chest.

You should revisit your posture to unravel the hidden cause and should consider regular stretching exercises to avoid further pain.

Chest Pain While Slouching

Sitting for long periods of time in a slouching posture can cause sharp chest pain

Why does slouching feel good?

Old habits die hard, one might argue that how come a posture that feels so good and comfortable be hurting you in the long run?

While it's an escapist view to run away from something that requires a bit of practice and possibly annoyance to begin with while slouching feels so comfortable and easy to do.

It's a trade off that involves avoiding some muscular stress at the cost of bone, tendon, and nerve stress. 

Muscles are not as quickly adaptable as other parts of- the- body,- so- it's advisable to put stress upon them to mold them into your body's ideal shape that'll make you look attractive and will boost your productivity.

Slouching bends your spine, which if kept in that position for an escalated period of time can cause Scoliosis while it feels comfortable because it puts off pressure from your back muscles which tend to love relaxing. It's up to you to take that trade! 

How to prevent slouching?

Even right now you maybe slouching towards your laptop or your cell phone or any other device you are trying to read this article on, while you it's -not -good- for you.

We know it's wrong and almost all of us know what the -right- posture- is, but we tend to blame the technology and all the equipment while using which we tend to slouch.

But one thing is to be kept in mind that it is not that equipment which is going to suffer from the pain, it's you who's going to pay the price.

Even while maintaining the perfect posture your body needs to move every now and then otherwise it may also start to hurt. 

Nature didn't design human body to be static; you must serve to its design needs to keep it in perfect shape. 

how to fix slouching by correct posture

Exercise for slouching shoulders?

Regular exercises targeting those slouching muscles can be great for dealing with slouching related disorders. 

The doorway stretch is an effective exercise that can be done anywhere as it doesn't require any specific gym equipment to work with.

  • To do this stand inside a doorway, while bending your arms to 90 degrees place it against the door frame, remember to maintain your elbow at the shoulder height while you rotate your chest left until you feel a nice stretch in chest and front shoulders.
  • The pectoral smash technique is also great in relieving slouching related pain, grab a lacrosse ball and place it between your chest and the wall and roll it around by moving your chest until you find the triggering point.

Stop at the triggering point and put some pressure on it for 20-30 seconds as it's the pressure not the rolling that releases the pain.

doorway-pec stretch pecs doorway stretch

Doorway Stretch,  Image by

The shoulder swing is also a great exercise for loosening up shoulders that have been affected by years of slouching.

Grab a pipe or a broom stick and hold it in front of you with both hands while maintaining an overhead grip and slowly lift it up till your head, going fast can injure you.

Daily reps of 10 can help to relieve shoulder strain greatly.

In the below info-graphic, I have discussed the various Correct Body Posture on daily basics that can fix the Slouching problem for long run.


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